Hi, I'm Ravinder

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I'm a wannabe renaissance man from West Bromwich, England. Since leaving school at aged 16, I've experimented with many projects, some of which have been moderately successful and reached over 100,000 people. That has granted me a level of financial independence.

I'm not on many social platforms. I intentionally live my life through the lens of minimalism and slow living. That lets me read more and develop new skills, which allow me to form novel ideas and run experiments.
I've spent time in over twenty-five countries. Aged 23, I moved to the smallest country in the European Union (Malta). Now, I live in the biggest country in the European Union (France). And I'm an e-Resident of Estonia.

I enjoy experimenting with projects that pique my curiosity. Currently, I am working on Command Codeless and Crypto Condensed.