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I read one book a week. You can browse all the book notes I have compiled. I aim to share the key lessons of each book. These books do not get organised by category. However, they do get listed in reverse chronological order - the latest book I have read at the top and the oldest at the bottom.

Buddha In Blue jeans
Tai Sheridan

A River In Darkness
masaji ishikawa

The Machine Stops
E. M. Forster

Notes On Nationalism
George Orwell

The Alchemist
Paulo Coelho

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Why I Write
George Orwell

Zen In The Art Of Writing
Ray Bradbury

The Meaning of Human Existence
Edward O. Wilson

The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Book Of Five Rings
Miyamoto Musashi

Permanent Record
Edward Snowden

Red Notice
Bill Browder

Ogilvy On Advertising
David Ogilvy