April 29, 2022

Buddha In Blue Jeans

I made 27 highlights while reading Buddha In Blue Jeans by Tai Sheridan. The book will give you insights into spirituality without religion.
  • Sit with your back straight but not stiff. Keep your head upright with your ears level.

  • Keep your eyes slightly opened and out of focus.

  • Breathe naturally through your nose. Feel your breath and watch it. Become your breath.

  • When you get distracted, come back to the most basic experience of being alive - breathing.

  • Sit quietly, connect with your breath, and pay attention to what happens. You'll learn things.

  • You won the lottery. You were born. You won the lottery - you are you.

  • Everything in the universe is you. Loving everything is loving you. Loving you is loving everything. There are no walls in the world of love.

  • You got given the gift of life. Be grateful for this beautiful gift.

  • Pain is a natural part of life. Learn to accept it.

  • Decrease the complaining. Decrease the self-centeredness around it. Everybody has pain.

  • Don't waste your life trying to become somebody else.

  • Be authentic, genuine and real. Be yourself.

  • Now is all you've got. The past is memory. The future is a wish.

  • Meet the world without expectations.

  • Harm happens because we are human. Forgive yourself and others of harm.

  • Give yourself to things that matter.

  • Respect everybody's right to say yes or no to your needs.

  • Learn to be gracious with your unmet needs.

  • Get connected to your body now. Get connected to the earth now. Get connected to this place now. Get connected to people now. Get related to whatever is in front of you now.

  • Listen without an agenda. Listen without expectations.

  • Listen without taking it personally. Listening gets you out of your self-centred camp.

  • Sitting in silence can teach you many ways to accept life, meet pain and die without regret.

  • The only way to learn sitting in silence is to do it.

  • An open mind isn't attached to thinking or belief.

  • Thoughts can be a jail. Watching them coming and going lets you out to play in the universe.

  • Your body is your life. Please take good care of it.

  • Everything you feel is okay. Feelings can get complicated. Accept your feelings.