September 1, 2022

Notes From Underground

I made 21 highlights while reading Notes From Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The book will give you insights into having a superiority complex.
  • I spend my life in a corner, absorbing the truth that an intelligent man cannot make himself anything, that it is only fools who manage to do so.

  • A man probably will begin taking his revenge pettily behind the scenes. He won't believe he has the right to take revenge or if his plan will bring him success. He knows that he'll suffer more after every attempt than anyone else involved.

  • Nature is not concerned with whether or not you like her laws. You must accept the world and everything that results from it.

  • I am ruled by jealousy and envy. I lose control of myself when I am bored.

  • I only consider myself intelligent because I've never started or finished anything.

  • Man is so partial to systems and abstract conclusions that he is ready to distort the truth and reject anything that would disprove his theories.

  • All men need is the freedom to make decisions independently.

  • I want to live fully, not just to satisfy my intellectual capacity.

  • You say you have a conscience, but you're incapable of making any decisions because your heart is impure.

  • I have to be dressed appropriately in case of a public scandal. That way, I can make a good impression and expect to be accepted by high society.

  • A hero or a villain - there was no middle ground.

  • It was the game more than anything that appealed to me.

  • Despite the bad things that may be happening in your family, they are still family and not enemies. They may only show their love for you once a year, but you are home with them. I grew up without a family, so I don't have any feelings.

  • The man with whom a lady falls in love is always the worst in her father's eyes. It has always been true. It causes many problems.

  • Love is a divine mystery. It should get hidden from prying eyes. It's holier that way, and you respect each other more.

  • You've been sold as a slave. No one will buy your love because they can have all they want without effort. There's no worse insult for a man or woman.

  • Don't rely on your youth.

  • I exaggerated everything. That was my downfall.

  • I'm poor but honourable. It's possible.

  • I cannot survive without power and tyranny over someone.

  • A novel needs a hero, but I've gathered the characteristics of an anti-hero. The result is unpleasant, for we are all cripples and have lost touch with life.