October 20, 2021
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The Book Of Five Rings

Book summary of The Book Of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. Read this book summary to review the important takeaways and lessons from the book.

Musashi On Being A Warrior

  • Warrior's should have a taste for both; pen and sword.

  • You should not have a favourite weapon, as to become over-familiar with one is as much a fault as not knowing it sufficiently well.

  • The way is in training.

  • Meet your situations without tenseness, yet not recklessly.

  • Do not let your body influence your spirit and vice-versa.

  • Do not let the enemy see your spirit.

  • You must train continually.

  • Become one with timing.

  • Always chase the enemy into bad footholds.

  • Use virtues of the place to establish influential positions.

  • When the enemy starts to collapse, you must pursue them without letting go.

  • If you attempt a technique which you have previously tried unsuccessfully and failed yet again, then you must change your attacking method.

Musashi On Leadership

  • Take into account the abilities and limitations of your people.

  • Don't ask for anything unreasonable from your people.

  • You should know the morale and spirit of your people, encouraging them when necessary.

  • When we become preoccupied with the small details, we must think about the big picture.

Musashi On Life

  • Appreciate the power of nature and understand its rhythm.

  • When you sacrifice your life, you must make the fullest use of your weaponry.

  • Everything seems confusing at first.

  • Do not think dishonestly.

  • Do nothing which is of no use.

  • Become acquainted with every art.

  • Know the way of all professions.

  • Develop intuitive judgement and understanding an of everything.

  • Perceive those things which cannot be seen.

  • You should be determined yet calm.

  • You walk a thousand-mile road step-by-step.

  • Today is victory over yourself of yesterday.

Musashi On Strategy

  • A strategy is having to know one thing, to know ten-thousand.

  • If you don't look at things at scale, it will be difficult for you to master strategy.

  • When people cannot deceive you, you will have realised the wisdom of strategy.

  • In all forms of strategy, it's essential to maintain your combat stance.

  • In strategy, it's important to see distant things are if they were close. And, to take a distanced view of close things.

  • You cannot beat a person using their method.

  • You can win quickly by taking the lead.

  • People are always under the impression that the enemy is strong, hence become cautious.

  • Put yourself in the enemy's position.

  • When you cannot see the enemy, indicate you're going to attack to discover their resources.

  • The essence of strategy is to bring about the oppositions speedy downfall.

  • Your opponent must not influence you.

  • Distinguish between gain and loss.

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